2013-12-24 22:10:04Susan


1.I think therefore I am. 我思故我在
2.part of speech 詞類變化
3.I got up very early this morning.
  S.  v. adv.
4.initiation --> 透過某段旅程而得到成長
5.Hansel and Gretel 糖果屋

6.Rapunzel 長髮公主

7.cannibalistic (a) 食人的
8.Danae --> 希臘女神
9.Zeus --> white bull
10.Europa --> Europe
11.phalic symbol
12.good gracious 天啊!
13.I'm black and blue all over my body. 全身瘀青
14.One man's meat is other's poison. 人各有所好