2013-12-24 22:09:32Susan


1. "Itis" is a Latin root infalmmation.
2. flam is fire
3. She was the old flame of mine in high school.
4. "itis" :  gastritis 胃
    arthritis  關節
    sinusitis  鼻竇炎
5. "Diction" (choice of words) is the topic today!
6. When we say 害怕,驚嚇 in English, all you can say something like frighten, scare, or fear.
    But there's slight difference among the specific difinition of these words, although they all 
    denote something "being startled."
7. "Jack and Jill" becomes a phrase, which means 兩小無猜.
8. "George Porgy"  愛捉弄女孩的壞男孩
    例如: 小紅肚裡的小件就是典型的George Porgy
9. "Why mosquitos buzz in people's ear" is originally an African legend, and retold by an illustrator,
as well as animated by an American film maker.
10. If it is a ledgend, or myth must be somehing happened in our live which you cannot figure out or understand.
11. There is onomatopoeia isa story, such as the moving sound of the snake: wastle wastle,
  we cannot find such kind of words in dictionary, for they are only imitation of the sounds.
12. The major conflict of the story is "the mother won't wake up the sun, so the day can't come."
13. When mother owl's wrath being released after King Lion's console, 
   she feels she wants to wake up the sun again, so the down can come.
14. kill
15.bronchitis (n) 支氣管炎
16.inflammation (n) 發炎