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1.What's fable? 
   It's in-animated characters with moral tales.
   --> He that is neither one thing nor the other has no friends.
3.beat a retreat 鳴金息鼓
4.spare (v) 免除
5.spare the rod and spoil the child 不打不成器
6.bold (a) 大膽的
7.summon to a meeting 召集來開會
8.assemble (v) 集合
9.assembly (n) 集合 (軍事用語)
10.Assembly (n) 大會
11.attention (v) 立正.注意
12.at ease 稍息
13.dismis (v) 解散
14.ornament (n) 裝飾
15.The Hare and Tortoise 龜兔賽跑

16.cowardly (a) 膽小的
17.Little Red Riding Hood 小紅帽 --> Frence

18.Aesop --> The Greek fabulist. He was by tradition born a salve.
19.Aesop's Fables  ex: --> 酸葡萄心理
20.anthropomorphized --> given human qualities
21.philanthropy (n) 慈善家
22.philatelist (n) 集郵家
23.西元1066年 , Normandy --> Frence
(1) er/re ex: theater/theatre