2013-12-24 22:11:11Susan


1.Maycomb --> may comb
2.ea --> cheap  [tʃip]  / great [gret]  / weapon  [ˋwɛpən]
3.anti-American violence 反美暴力
4.gather (v) --> gathering (n)
    surroud (v) --> surrouding (n)
    evolve (v) --> evolving (n)
5.demonstration (n) 遊行
6.expire (v) 吐氣
7.make effort 盡所有的力量
8.be urged to 被要求...
9.monitor (v) 觀看.監看 (n) 銀幕
10.crisis --> Apollo的祭師 Chryses 和他的女兒 Chryseis
11.consult (v) 商量     consultant (n) 諮商人員
12.caution (n)(v) 小心
13.as well 也 (可放句中和句尾)
14.fabulous (a) 傳說的
15.casino --> mirage and flamingo
16.tycoon (n) 大亨
17.Many movies were shoted in Las Vegas such as What happens in Vegas
18.Brothers Grimm
19.Deutsche 德國 (德文)
20.fairy tales --> supernature, magic and enchantment
21.Rapunzul :「Rapunzul, Rapunzul, let down your hair」
22.Snow White :「Mirror, mirror on the wall, who in the land is fairest?」
23.特洛伊戰爭中的今蘋果 <To the fairest woman>
24.Beauty and Beast :「I have never seen an enchanted castle before」
25.gregorian chant
26.Sappho 女詩人, 住在Lesbos --> She is lesbian.
27.Aurora 曙光女神
28.be found of 喜歡...
29.stock character --> stereotype and archetype
30.Song   <Once upon a dream>  and  <Think of me>