2013-12-24 22:11:39Susan


1.peculiarity (a) 奇特的
2. 5個change 
    (1) change  (2) alter  (3) rotate  (4) shift  (5) switch
3.Nobody does anything worth doing without a degree.
4.Andersen --> Danish (丹麥人)
5.smith (n) 工匠
6.Tailor-made 客製化
7.stateman (n) 政治家
8.politician (n) 政治家(貶)
9.self esteem 自我期許
10.self conflidence 自信
11.heaven knows = oh my god
12.black and blue 瘀青
13.the rain poured down in torrents 傾盆大雨
14.alone --> be left, excluded
  lonesome --> select, away from, secluded
15.Part of your world --- The Little Mermald
16.Sebastian (n) 宮廷樂師
17.reprimand (v) 責罵
18.Johann Sebastian Bach 巴哈
19.Iago in Othello