2013-12-24 22:12:09Susan


1." " quotation --> movie ; ___ underline --> novel
2.William W. Denslow --> Mother Goose
3.The Wonderful Wizard of Oz --> 綠野仙蹤 ; 奧茲國的偉大巫師
4.narrate --> tell a story
5.emerald (n) 翡翠
6.Seattle --> Emerald City
7.Chicago --> Wind City
8.The Good Witch of South, Glinda, says "There's no place like home."
9.Academy Award 學院影展
10.score (n) 樂曲
11. broom (n) 掃把
12.cyclone (n) 熱帶氣旋
13.Tin Woodman : aluminumi, oiler, ax
14.cowardly (a) 膽小的
15.deadly (a) 致命的
16.Yellow Brick Road --> 充滿希望,通往成功之路
17.Scarecrow --> the King of Emerald City
18.Lion --> the King of Beasts
19.Every healthy youngster has a wholesome and instinctive love for stories fantastic, marvelous and manifestly unreal.
20."historical in the children's library" --> 例: 安徒生系列
21.e --> out , ex: eliminate, evacuate, evaporate
22.stereotype (n) 刻板印象
23.entertainment (n) 娛樂
24.disagreeable (a) 令人厭惡的
25.solely (adv) 單獨地
26.turning point 轉捩點
27.suffer (v) 為...疾病而苦
28.severe (a) 嚴重的
29.allergic reaction 過敏反應
30."Twister" --> storm chasers
31.Dorothy Gale --> 女主角
32.public domain --> 公共財
33.Kansas --> 印地安語
34.silver shoes --> 銀鞋子對西方國家而言是有魔力的