2016-05-27 17:19:55Lin's family

Special traveling experience in Puli, Let’s be a farmer!!

Taiwan is a beautiful island with abundant resources. In these days, there is lots of tours for agriculture.

This is Puli, Nantou which is rich of water bamboo. Let’s be a farmer.

黑豆園” is a special restaurant because all the food are planted by themselves. Most importantly, they do not use any chemicals on their food.

Apart from having a lunch, we could have an eco-tour guide for water bamboo. Remember, don’t forget to have a reservation in advance.

The boss in “黑豆園” is an interesting person. We have to call out “Earth! I’m coming. Earth! I love you and I can’t live without you.

Unlike other places, we do not wear frog suits. The boss “Tien” said, we are not afraid of water, dirty if we would like to be a farmer.

The temperature of farm is about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Most annoying thing is snails but Tien has a different opinion. Because he usually picks up the snails, he has smooth hands. That’s why he likes it.

For children from city, they felt very excited and happy. They could collect water bamboo by their hands.

Tien has a story. He gave up the Japanese restaurant because he had to take care of his father. Therefore, he came back to Puli. It is difficult to be a farmer in the beginning. Heaven helps those who help themselves. Finally, he is successful. 

They do not use any chemicals in their food. Besides, they raise the fish and chickens by themselves. Thus, we could eat the natural food in “黑豆園

After it, let’s have lunch.

There are a lot of inscribed boards and commendations on the wall.

We could make water bamboo hand-rolls by ourselves. It’s really delicious.

It’s very fun to experience it. We could not only have a deeper understanding about respecting our earth but we should take action to cherish our plant.

It’s a good activity for taking a short break in such a summer time.




Add:No. 11-12, Taomi Ln., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C)