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Guruji 的 Q & A關於啟明 回應惡劣態度


⋯⋯ 然而只有印象是不夠的。在生命中,印象、機會和恩典全部都需要。除了這些以外,自我的努力也是需要的。如果你想去唱場,卻一直躺在床上,那會有用嗎?所以自我的努力、印象、機會和恩典都是需要的。



Q: Many great saints, though they attained enlightment, did not give it directly to anybody. They just preached about the steps to attain it. Why does God not give enlightment directly to everyone? Are samskaras( impressions) necessary for this?
Sri Sri: Samskaras are necessary. If you are here, it means that somewhere you had the interest and curiosity to come. Without that interest, how could you come here? So, a little bit of samskaras are necessary.
However, only samskaras are not enough. In life, samskaras, opportunities and grace are all needed. Along with these, self-effort is also required.
If you want to come to the satsang but keep lying in your bed, will it help?
So, self-effort, samskaras, opportunities and grace are all needed.
Q: gurudev, you just said that we should not consider anyone as bad. If others treat us badly, how do we react to that?
Sri Sri: If others have a negative opinion about you, it is their problem, not yours. From your side, do not consider anyone as bad.
By doing this, your mind will be clear and pleasant and your intellect will be sharp. Otherwise, the people whom you consider as bad will begin to haunt your mind like a ghost.
When such thoughts get into your mind, you will not be able to do something creative.

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