2013-10-29 08:16:52CHLin

You Are My First Child

You are my first child.

Everything you do is a new world for me.

You got me to do everything for the first time.

You were the first who made my belly swollen, and the first to breastfeed.

When I saw your red, sweaty face, eyes shut, for the first time,

I thank God for the miracle.

You were holding those tiny hands in such tight fists.

Later, I was happy to see your fingers and toes grow every day.

When I was tired, I went over to you,

opened your fingers and touched your toes.

When I did that, I felt energized.

When I first put shoes on you, I was really excited.

When you toddled over to me, I laughed so much;

even if someone had spilled out a heap of gold and silver and jewels in front of me,

I wouldn’t have laughed like that.

And how do you think I felt when I sent you to school?

How can I compare the happiness I got watching your legs get thicker with anything else?

 Some day, I know, you will grow stronger than me.

No matter how big you grow, you are always my little girl.

Happy birthday, my sweetheart! : )




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