2012-07-09 11:00:49Guruji


QnA of the Day -7/9

Q: Guruji, The love of my life with whom I've been with for four years has told me that she is in love with someone else. She met him about five months ago. What should I do? I love her dearly and I don't want to lose her. She has asked me to wait for her while she makes up her mind. Should I wait or should I let go?


 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I can understand your problem in one way. But in another way, I have no experience on this. So I can’t advise you. All that I can say is take some time out and be silent. Think about your life, about how it was in the past. When that person was not there in your life, even then you were happy? If that person had kindled some spark in you, made you experience some love, just thank her. In the future without her also your life will continue.


 I tell you, you will only go up. If that person goes away, you will get a better person. This is for sure. Know that you are the centre, okay! Don’t put your soul into the other person, keep it in yourself. And if that person comes back, fine, otherwise, move on. This wisdom will help you not to have that love turn into hatred. Often people love somebody and that turns into such bitterness and hatred that it is unbelievable. So don’t let that happen.

我告訴你,你會提昇的。如果那個人離開,你將遇到更好的人。這是肯定的。要知道你是核心,好吧 !不要把你的靈魂放進另一個人身上,把它放在你自己身上。如果那個人回來,很好!否則,繼續前進。智慧將幫助你沒有把愛轉變成仇恨。常常人們愛一個人,然後,轉變成痛苦和仇恨,那是令人難以置信。因此,不要讓這種情況發生。

If you love somebody, let go. If it is yours, it will come back to you. If it doesn’t come back, it never was yours. Know this and move on.