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Land Rover (Land Rover) Introduction


formerly known as: Land Rover
officially sold in China in the landrover before, people have been translated into the landrover Land Rover, but when LR ready officially listed in China, they found "Land Rover" has been a domestic auto companies registered trademark, no way, only registered in China "Rover" trademark.


Land Rover (Land Rover) Company Profile


Rover Group was originally an old British car company Rover (Rover) is a Nordic nation, the production of bicycles on the use of Rover as a trademark name. 1904 production vehicles, still "Rover" as the name of the license plate, because Rover bravery nation is a nation of pirates, so the Rover trademark use of a pirate ship, a symbol of the company opened Redsail wind and waves, invincible dauntless spirit . March 26, 2008, India's Tata Group invested $ 2.3 billion acquisition of Ford's Jaguar and Land Rover are two brands in international motorsport cause vibration.
Land Rover (Land Rover) to four-wheel drive and the world-famous: Since its inception it has always been committed to continuous improvement of its drivers to provide four-wheel driving experience. In the field of four-wheel drive Land Rover company not only has advanced core technology, four-wheel drive and full of passion: He is widely recognized as an innovator in the authority of four-wheel drive. Although Land Rover continually improve the product, but it is always true to its tradition and Lean value of the company is to design the perfect combination.
Land Rover sales in over 140 countries, from 1948 it has developed into a practical model of today's multi-functional four-wheel drive, is intended for those who continue to pursue a new life experience of individuals. Land Rover has been generally recognized and respected, this is the other manufacturers can not be a comparable car. However, the Land Rover is still the ultimate expression of its brand value: Until today, all produced by a Land Rover Land Rover, there are three-quarters are still being used, it is indeed amazing


Land Rover (Land Rover) company history


1966 年 company and Ruli Lan Rover car company to become Leyland's Jaguar - Rover - Triumph Department in 1988 by the British aerospace company acquired in 1989 officially changed its name to Rover Group in 1990, but also with Japan's Honda Motor Company in technical and financial cooperation, in 1994 the company was finally taken over by Germany's BMW. The group is now the production of automotive products are divided into three categories: SUVs, sedans and MG sports cars. March 2000, the Ford Motor Company to the BMW Group paid € 3 billion ($ 2.7 billion) to purchase all of its four-wheel drive of its products, including RangeRover, Discovery, Freelander and Defender.
2005 年 7 22, the Nanjing Automobile Group Co., Ltd. successfully acquired the British MG Rover car company and its engine production segment, creating a well-known Chinese enterprises to acquire foreign auto companies of its kind, after the merger of the companies acquired called Nanjing MG Automobile Co., Ltd..


Land Rover (Land Rover) corporate culture
Land Rover (Land Rover) brand logo


Rover (Rover) is a Nordic nation, because Rover bravery nation is a nation of pirates, so the Rover trademark use of a pirate ship, a symbol of the company opened Redsail wind and waves, invincible dauntless spirit. Lander - Rover is a full cones famous off-road cars, signs that English: LAND-ROVER.


Land Rover (Land Rover) brand values ​​


● Pure: Pure refers to the real, historical factors together in a rational manner, in the understanding of Land Rover's past and traditions, to seek new things, walking in front of the time. It tells us to be willing to sacrifice, full of enthusiasm and passion, go its own way, and never looked back.
● courage: self-confidence have the ability to raise expectations of life and overcome fear. Everyone should work hard, good at thinking, honest and trustworthy; exploration Yan should pay attention to grasp the sense of proportion, to do things to have a clear purpose; in adversity but also to promote teamwork; look for targets and move forward, although its color does not change pressurizing , there is a dauntless heroism.
● Exploration Yan: Yan probe tell people to open up and embrace the world. It is a state of mind, one kind of attitude towards life, it gives everyone caring. It tells people to dare to create something new, relentless pursuit. Yan exploration in the vast wilderness of the purpose is very clear, is to try to find the best way to protect the environment. Yan also like exploration and beast, but the beast is to hunt for food probe precipitous.
● extraordinary: to become a pioneer of nature; compassionate and courageous perseverance; emotion of both ordinary people have extraordinary charisma; become experts in certain areas, but at the same approachable; Zoran standing but never pretentious. It is closely related to leadership and charisma shine with the light of inspiration, in any case can cope. It never arrogant, narcissistic, or malicious attack others.
Land Rover (Land Rover) to four-wheel drive and the world-famous: Since its inception it has always been committed to continuous improvement of its drivers to provide four-wheel driving experience. In the field of four-wheel drive Land Rover company not only has advanced core technology, four-wheel drive and full of passion: He is widely recognized as an innovator in the authority of four-wheel drive. Although Land Rover continually improve the product, but it is always true to its tradition and Lean value of the company is to design the perfect combination.


Land Rover (Land Rover) Development history


1948 After the war, the first Land Rover was born in the United Kingdom. This is a simple, innovative aluminum work car. This is by the British Rover car company Spencer and Maurice Wilks brothers create a new model, the perfect realization of a simple combination of practicality and stability. The car quickly achieved great success, to the mid-1950s, the Land Rover name has become off-road performance and excellent durability synonymous. Whether the military is engaged in agricultural customers, or demanding emergency salvage services industries have praise for the Land Rover perfect quality. Then British Prime Minister Churchill thou Winslow Leighton is driving the Land Rover.
to 1959, the first 250,000 Land Rover left the West Midlands (West Midlands) Solihull production line, thus established the Land Rover's success in the market position. Land Rover's legendary not only that a typical car.
20 In the 1960s, the unprecedented level of demand for four-wheel drive, Land Rover walk in the forefront of this emerging market. To meet this challenge, Land Rover engineers determined to create a comfortable family SUV.
1970, the Land Rover Range Rover (Range Rover) side of the city just caused a warm response. The Louvre in Paris Motor Show, the Range Rover luxury design has won widespread praise. It not only looks beautiful, but has a good comfort: an English major driving Range Rover from Anchorage, Alaska (Anchorage) to Argentina Ushuaia (Ushuaia), carried out up to 6 months durability test, the test results are far behind the other models.
20 in the 1970s to 1980s Land Rover continue to innovate, and in Paris - Dhaka thou Rally and other events showcasing its superior endurance, strong evidence Rover lean engineering design.
In the 1989 Frankfurt Motor Show, Land Rover Discovery debut, and quickly earned a reputation as a high-end SUV. Then, in 1997, the Land Rover Freelander and debut, again Land Rover brand's DNA SUV to a new level. American "Car" magazine editor who impressed me most is the Land Rover Freelander quickly into the magazine's "All-Star" list.
Land Rover brand value even beyond its car itself. In addition to vehicle other than Land Rover's all cones "into the precipitous" Expedition, Land Rover Gear apparel and products, customizable multifunction Land Rover auto parts, with off-road driving experience coaching centers, as well as environmental organizations and sports organizations actively sponsorship, the Land Rover's image more attractive.
Now, Land Rover sales in over 140 countries, from 1948 it has developed into a practical model of today's multi-functional four-wheel drive, is intended for those who continue to pursue a new life experience of individuals. Land Rover has been generally recognized and respected, this is the other manufacturers can not be a comparable car. However, the Land Rover is still the ultimate expression of its brand value: Until today, all produced by a Land Rover Land Rover, there are three-quarters are still being used, which is simply amazing!
2008 年 3 月 Ford Motor Company sold Land Rover businesses to India's Tata Group
2008 March Ford Motor Company announced the sale of Jaguar Land Rover business has signed a definitive agreement, India's Tata Group invested 2.3 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the two brands Jaguar and Land Rover's new owner.
The deal became Ford sold since last year's second sub-brand. In March last year, Ford will sell the hands of the Aston Martin brand, Ford opened a luxury car in the area of ​​strategic contraction of the regiment. Paid a large sum of cash India's Tata Motors, will be through acquisitions technically strong support, thereby enhancing the current low brand image.
2004 years into China so far, Land Rover has been implemented in China sales agent system, China 3S 4S shops or stores are import agents of Land Rover, Land Rover in China's duty is equivalent to the "distributor." Jaguar Land Rover in China currently has 43 dealers.


Land Rover (Land Rover) Background


all cones luxury top brand Land Rover (Land Rover) Since 1948, the date of birth has always been committed to creating products that respond to various road conditions excellent all-terrain car (Finest All-terrain Vehicles). After sixty years of development history, Land Rover has grown to have all models, all cones highly respected leader in the luxury SUV, its easy to manage a variety of road conditions strong overall performance (Breath of Capability) Zhuo Er not group, renowned industry, sales repeatedly refresh the historical record.
As the world's only specialized all-terrain vehicles produce top luxury SUV brand, Land Rover actively promote noble, luxurious modern lifestyle. All cones first fully functional luxury SUV, Land Rover Range Rover in 2010 ushered in the 40th anniversary. Meanwhile, Land Rover has always actively involved in environmental protection, wildlife protection, carbon dioxide emissions compensation scheme (CO2 Offsetting Program) and other areas of sustainable development, and with all cones number of environmental and humanitarian organizations to maintain a long and diverse forms of relevant cooperation . The history of the smallest, lightest, best fuel economy Land Rover - Range Rover cutting-edge fashion Evoque, will also start selling next year summer, fully demonstrates that the Land Rover in the product technology, environmental protection, energy conservation and other aspects of the future development direction and firm determination .
2003, the Land Rover company set up offices in China. 2009, Land Rover has successively will be its 2010 Land Rover Range Rover (Range Rover), Land Rover Range Rover Sport (Range Rover Sport), Land Rover Discovery 4 (Discovery 4) and Land Rover Freelander 2 (Freelander 2) into China, for the majority of Chinese consumers with rich, comprehensive product selection. March 2010, Land Rover Defender (Defender) officially listed in the Chinese market. Thus, the Land Rover's full line of products has been introduced into China, which fully demonstrates the importance of the Chinese market, Land Rover and confidence. Meanwhile, Land Rover has set up sales companies in China and will continue to improve the authorized dealer sales outlets, dedicated to the Chinese market and Chinese consumers with top products and convenient, fast, professional luxury brand experience and customer service.


Land Rover (Land Rover) sales


world's top luxury SUV brand Land Rover (Land Rover) first quarter of 2010 continued the momentum of rapid growth, second quarter sales of 5,787 vehicles in China, once again set a single-season history of the highest level, and three consecutive quarters of year growth of over 100%. Now the first half of sales into the plot gratifying, cumulative sales in the Chinese market exceeded ten thousand mark, close to last year's total sales.
According to China Automotive Technology and Research Center released the latest sales statistics, in the first half SUV, cumulative sales of 374,000, an increase of 87.1%. The Land Rover up to 135%, far higher than the market average. Land Rover such excellent sales performance not only because Chinese consumers for luxury SUV continues to increase product acceptance, the Land Rover is investing heavily in China market continued popularity and brand unique charm perfect embodiment.
all cars from Land Rover's perspective, sales in the first half of the substantial growth in varying degrees. Overall, the compact luxury SUV is gaining more and more young consumers. The Freelander 2 as a benchmark for the segment, Land Rover, with its authentic style and excellent road and off-road performance models of the environmental highlights, Land Rover still a major force throughout the first half contributed more than 4,500 units sold. Prestigious Land Rover Discovery 4 is also worth noting the first two quarters of sales were sold more than 3,000 units, compared with an increase of 142% compared to last year, which significantly improved dynamic performance, a new look inside and outside design, won the market acclaim.
As a Land Rover Range Rover's flagship vehicle sales grew by 131%, the second quarter alone, sales for the first time exceeded one thousand mark. Representatives of high-performance luxury SUV Range Rover Sport is the sudden emergence of January-June sales rose 320%, becoming the largest increase in the first two quarters Land Rover products. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover series, dazzling sales into the plot strong evidence of this Land Rover's most luxurious, the most complete performance of the models in the domestic luxury car market growing influence, but also fully reflects the more Chinese consumers in vehicle safety, comfort and luxury off-road capability, and many other roads and improve the selection criteria.
As the originator of the SUV, Land Rover has been dominated in all cones can not shake the market position. Today, sales in China continue to receive a breakthrough, thanks to Land Rover attaches great importance to the Chinese market, also benefited from China's auto market matures and the Land Rover brand awareness and reputation in China's rapidly.
Disi Hao, general manager of Land Rover China, said: "Land Rover strong sales growth in China, indicating that the Chinese consumer enthusiasm for the Land Rover brand continues to climb, let us also on Land Rover's future development in the Chinese market is more firmly In order to meet the growing market demand, Land Rover is to increase investment in the Chinese market, including expanding dealer network, improve dealer service capacity, improve staff training system, etc., designed to bring consumers the most luxurious selection of products at the same time, to ensure that they enjoy the most respected service. "
With the rising ownership Land Rover, Land Rover is constantly strengthened dealer network construction, improve customer service experience. And into the fully operational phase of the national sales company, will become the Land Rover close to local consumer groups, to understand local consumer demand is another platform, which can provide better selection of products suitable for Chinese consumers and service experience.
this year, along with the pace of the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover, Land Rover will continue to introduce more exciting models to organize more pure luxury brand experience for the majority of Chinese fans bring big surprises. It can be predicted, with clear product positioning and brand image gradually taking root, Land Rover luxury car market in China's position will be further strengthened.


Land Rover (Land Rover) Brand Model Information




Land Rover (Land Rover) Range Rover Sport


four years later, those noble suburb location, rhinoceros course, hard to find, from time to time those who greeted touches comfortable, competent, and even the wind sporty SUV vehicles, such as the BMW X5, Cadillac SRX, Nissan unlimited FX, Mercedes-Benz ML series, as well as the Porsche Cayenne. These guys sneak into the territory of the Land Rover, and compared to those of years a rare case of rhino, they are in fact on the Land Rover poses the greatest threat. After all, you want to hit an aggressive rhino horns to put it into your aluminum door so the probability is too small.
Therefore, in 2006, introduced a new Land Rover Range Rover Sport models. This car is full of a sense of movement, vibrant, control sensitivity, and looks very stylish. Of course, some people think it is not fashionable, but for a Range Rover, it has been fashionable enough of it. And frankly, the new Range Rover is more suitable for general road rather than off-road conditions.
And, Range Rover Sport Land Rover cars also filled in expensive full-feet-inch entry-level Range Rover and Discovery 3 household type that exists between a blank. In fact, the Range Rover Sport models derived from the mechanical platform found three, but the wheelbase shorter, relatively more emphasis on vehicle handling, but fewer scruples seven-seater passenger space.
2010 model year Range Rover Sport's new equipment: Personal Telephone Integration System (Bluetooth-enabled), as well as the position of the front passenger one-touch electric windows operating devices are now being included in the standard equipment, the further enhance the standard level. Dynamic feedback system (as well as Brembo disc brakes), in the last year, only on the supercharged Sport have now HSE version of these devices are also available. Supercharged Sport now comes standard with Sirius satellite phone; and there are hard oak or cherry finishes, luxury or sporty soft leather finishes, as well as standard or Stormer 20-inch wheels and other facilities are available.

Land Rover (Land Rover) Range Rover Range_e

Land Rover Range Rover Range_e born out of the Range Rover Sport, powered by a new 245PS 3.0 升 TDV6 diesel engine , an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission and a 69 kilowatts motor. It is equipped with a parallel hybrid system, which includes a 240-volt AC power by an external charging 14.2kW ​​/ h lithium-ion battery pack. Range Rover Range_e In pure electric mode can travel more than 20 miles (32 km), and does not emit any harmful exhaust. Using standard mains charger takes about four hours to complete the charge. The vast majority of European car drivers are usually the mileage is not a day over 25 miles (40 km), so the technology EV mileage, to meet the needs of the vast number of city driving, and thus greatly reduce the city's traffic fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. However, in the case of driving longer distances, but also requires the use of diesel hybrid system, further reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Range Rover Range_e CO2 emissions of only 89 g / km, the maximum system output of 339PS, a top speed of 120 miles / hour (193 km / h), the fuel efficiency of 85 miles / gallon (3.36 liters / 100 km). Since improved fuel efficiency, which the hybrid one tank of fuel can travel 690 miles (1,112 kilometers). Like the standard Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Range_e also have fully functional four-wheel drive capability. It is equipped with high and low gearbox, front and rear differentials and a mechanical locking center differential. According to the requirements of the driver, the car's intelligent system to provide the necessary power to decide the most effective way - including electricity, diesel and diesel-electric hybrid mode. Range Rover Range_e also has a regenerative braking function, can capture the braking energy lost as heat. This energy can be re-used to drive the vehicle, thereby further reducing fuel consumption. All cones Land Rover brand director John Edwards said: "The system is the first high-level plug-in hybrids,gucci皮夾, like cars, it also has what you expect four drive capability and it is mass production of diesel-electric hybrid vehicle technology the latest developments in the new generation of the SUV will use the technology, and in the next two years, officially launched the production model. "


Land Rover Aurora


born half a century, the Land Rover seemed almost become synonymous with large luxury four-wheel drive SUV. That the advent of the first generation Freelander, a lot of people think that Land Rover practice is worthless. Today, more than Freelander mini, greener Range Rover Evoque (Aurora), your visit, sports car-style coat below, it is a true Land Rover it? Than many other production car is bold, Evoque seemed almost inherited the LRX concept car overall avant-garde design. The biggest change is that the identity of the front into the Land Rover Range Rover, which means that swept into a noble family after the Range Rover, Evoque destined to not become a populist "Little Tiger." Speed ​​slipped under the roof and the waistline to create a sports car-like sharp sense, so that we can vaguely see the "God of War" GT-R's shadow. Three styling is further highlighted the Evoque sports connotation - although future sales is likely to be followed by the main release of five versions.
on power system configuration by the end of September this year, the Paris International Motor Show debut when announced. However, according to LRX concept car speculate, Evoque sequence will contain a system equipped with a hybrid system models, in order to achieve the claimed emits only 130 grams per kilometer of carbon dioxide targets. In addition to good four-wheel drive, Evoque will be simultaneously launched the entry-level two-drive models. Whether the threshold for lower prices or improve fuel economy considerations, which for the Land Rover brand image for both a new challenge - after all, the level of consumer valued function is often not the vehicle itself and fuel consumption, but the brand culture and pedigree. "Love does not love cross-country highway," the two-drive Land Rover finally be able to gain market recognition it?


Land Rover Discovery 4


find Land Rover Discovery 4 is the fourth generation of discovery series introduced new models, in addition to maintaining the original powerful off road performance, the comprehensive upgrade of the quality and fashion design, so that the opponent at the same level found among the four, with the status of hard to replace . Just after the release of the discovery 4 v8, land rover is equipped with v6 engine also introduced along with the version. If seeing the Discovery 3, and then a touch of the Land Rover Discovery 4 brand new car, you will feel more like the new Range Rover Land Rover Discovery 4, both before cooling gate, headlights or front wing vents, seemed almost that a small foot-inch range rover. However, careful observation, and its predecessor body still retains the genetic characteristics: Founder of the shape, stepped roof, a large skylight, low window line, and so have followed the first generation since the 1989 Land Rover Discovery style. While there are a large number of flagship model Range Rover styling levy, however, to see the side profile, is still a downright discovery, the core is characterized by stepped roof. Stepped roof utility that enables third-row seat passengers have plenty of head room, even 1.8 m people will not depressed. Newly discovered four side windows lower window line offers a large field of view is that many do not have the luxury suv, which is the land rover tradition. Displacement has: 2.7L, 3.0L, 4.0L, 5.0L priced at 69 to 1.18 million.
Land Rover TDV6 3.0-liter twin-turbo diesel direct-injection gasoline engine and the Rover V8 engine. Land Rover TDV6 peak torque of 600 Nm / m, in the entire speed range power and torque are not [1] often abundant, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 9.6 seconds. The new Land Rover V8 petrol engine 5.0 liters and 4.4 liters V8 engine older than power and torque increased by 25% and 16%, accelerates from zero to 100 km / h in just 7.9 seconds, for the owners to bring dynamism and Flexible driving experience, let this journey even more relaxing.
revolutionary interior changed dramatically improves the discovery series interior luxury, texture and comfort
more elegant appearance and changes in details at the product to further enhance the sense of luxury, but also retains the top off-road performance of the functional requirements.
top off-road performance through the Terrain Response system and Hill Descent system further improved but also enhance the Discovery Series in its segment leadership. (Improved sand driving control, strengthen boulder mode traction control, adding steep release function)
"Land Rover all-around high-tech" (Enabling Technology) to further enhance the convenience of the driver's control, such as 5-inch TFT screen, a button-type vehicle start / parked button, the new information system and automatic reminder.


Land Rover Freelander 2

 Land Rover Freelander series just

brand's entry-level model, but at first glance, body shape the atmosphere rough, Land Rover pedigree show no doubt. From a positive perspective, the Freelander 2 Freelander 1 more than momentum, intuitive feeling, deeper, like a ferocious tiger prey in seeing the ready. Tiger eyes (bi-xenon headlights) is still sharp, and the Tigers gaping mouth as well as the teeth (tank radiator grille) is sharper than a generation. While headlights headlight washers below and order the bars before Paul Yan distributed four distance sensors indicate that this is a truly a luxury sport utility vehicle. From the rear view, the Freelander 2 Freelander 1 with the most intuitive difference is more sedan will spare tire "invited" back to the bottom of the trunk of the car, "settled." This is a benevolent see benevolence and the wise see wisdom of changes, some people will think better put the spare tire on the outside exhibit wild off-road vehicles, while others prefer a simple appearance altogether. After all, in order to use the spare tire is not to see, on the inside to ensure against wind and rain erosion and foreign object impact, can last longer. In addition, the Freelander 2-one combination taillights concise, Paul Yan bar after the two elongated reflector is able at night right after the car play an important warning. In addition, the car is also equipped with a panoramic sunroof.
displacement diesel version 2.2 and 3.2 petrol version, Price: 39.8 ~ 688 000


Land Rover Freelander 2 Chinese Red Limited Edition


booth at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, Land Rover Freelander 2 Chinese Red Limited Edition officially listed. Limited edition car in China is only 300 units, all of which 3.2 liters displacement models, are priced at 688,000 yuan, which is currently the highest price Land Rover Freelander production models.
"China Red Edition" limited edition Land Rover Freelander 2 model is based on the 2011 Land Rover Freelander 2 models for Chinese consumers DEDECATES personalized masterpiece. While maintaining a series of extraordinary Freelander 2 and off-road performance, but also into the more movement and personality elements, will cause its owner's passion resonance. In the design, the Chinese version of the Freelander red front grille with a new black finish, while its body design with an equipment kit: Includes was equipped with a rear spoiler and front corner on the changes. In addition, this limited edition model also was equipped with a new 19-inch Shadow Chrome alloy wheels, body-colored door handles and mirror caps and rear glass Li implicit furniture. The appearance of some of the changes include a redesigned front bumper Paul Yan, the lower part of the car looks even more so was the Founder, fog lights and thus also the setting even more law-abiding. Car taillights beam has also been redesigned tailgate also been transformed. Car colors to choose Chinese red limited edition models.
Land Rover Freelander 2 Chinese red limited edition version of the engine than the average engine torque peak higher than 20 Nm, maximum output power of 420 Newton meters (310 lb-ft equivalent) . Where the maximum output power of 148 hp engine version of carbon dioxide emissions of 165 grams per kilometer, the figure is also higher than the previous version of the same performance optimization by 8 percentage points.
chasing the Land Rover's patented technology, "Terrain Response System", even in everyday driving, can also effectively enhance the driving control stability and security, enhanced driver confidence. Land Rover Freelander 2 with Terrain Response system, road and off-road performance are quite superior; more powerful, better fuel economy; coupled with refined luxury interiors,[ ] Land Rover Land Rover Land Rover China official website prices , Land Rover brand image library, has been the industry's most comprehensive market the same level of the most excellent models.
It is reported that, in order to better support consumers enjoy the Land Rover brand, customers can not only choose China red limited edition Freelander models, but also enjoy the "30/70 zero-interest loans collar enjoy statue plan."


Land Rover Defender Ice & Fire


new Land Rover Defender ice, fire version of the model is based on the ordinary version of the guards improvements made, limited-edition models in all cones is only limited 850 units, which is the most attractive place that stylish two-tone body color. In two limited edition models, fire version uses a unique Vesuvius Orange metallic colors, and roof, air intake grille and wheels are black; ice version of the model with the Alaska white body, roof, air intake grille and wheels are black, two-tone body pretty special.
guards unique sliced ​​like lines and tough rather British style of lighting design is still in the body to reproduce Addict version. Ice, fire version of the model the appearance of the characteristics of the place also includes: multi-colored front and rear lights combine rugged Founder of the body, very harmonious; abnormal transparent glass-li skylights, lighting effects and bring good refreshing outdoor air, another limited edition model also features a diamond cut alloy wheels. Guardian tail style is still full of traditional SUV design, knapsack spare tire, exposed hinges, bolts, rivets are wordless show with its personality, orange and black, white and black formed a strong contrast, see go up, he yet stylish and atmospheric.
interior, limited edition version of the console fire models use the same color and appearance of the alloy panel design, while the ice version also uses the same white as the appearance of the center console panel. Above the center console clock classic flavor is very strong; guards can operate a number of almost all electronic devices are concentrated in the button on the center console; in ice, fire edition models, the safety performance including ABS and seat belts, and comfortable. Convenience configuration compared to air-conditioning, power windows, manual air conditioning and a CD stereo and front seat heating function; limited edition model is also equipped with Recaro racing seats, leather and AclAntara decorative materials highlighting texture, another special welcome pedal is mounted directly on the chassis, material is very solid.
Power, Land Rover Defender Limited Edition models are equipped with a system with a 2.4-liter turbocharged diesel engine, its maximum power of 89.7 kw, 122 hp, diesel engine advantage lies not in its power, but its torque, thanks to the amazing 19.5:1 compression ratio, the guards at the engine speed of 1950 rpm and its maximum torque is reached 360 Nm, is beyond the reach of ordinary gasoline engines; also responsible for the power transmission is is a six-speed manual gearbox.
In addition, the Land Rover Defender with a full-time four-wheel drive system,gucci皮夾, four-wheel drive with high status and low speed gear ratio of the points, it can be mechanically locked center differential, if one wheel vacant, locks dead center differential front and rear axle steel connection, you can have the power transmission to the wheels of adhesion - This configuration ensures that the vast majority of limited-edition can adapt to road conditions. Generally speaking, the Land Rover Defender Addict version is armed with modern technology under a gentleman-like classical models, of course, its strong off-road ability is not to be questioned.
Land Rover Ice · fire are priced 78-82.5 million people.


new Land Rover Defender


new Land Rover Defender will use the T5 steel chassis, Range Rover Sport and Discovery 4 with the same information from overseas, point of view, the new Land Rover Defender will reduce emissions and increase the number of security configuration after guards in the United States because of the lack of airbags ban sale, new guards will be environmentally friendly, and security has made two changes.
Land Rover Defender will have a variety of new generation styling, including soft-top, hardtop and pickup similar shape. From the imaginary figure, a few years have not changed compared to previous generation models, the new guards look more stylish, in addition to round headlights still made us feel very guards, other aspects of the Range Rover and the discovery of some of the same series, and its Body length will increase slightly.
In power, the new market in the whole cones guardian may choose to find four models use 2.7L V6 diesel engine as the flagship, the maximum output power of 195hp. For the U.S. market, may introduce a 5.0L V8 power. The news about the new guards, we will continue to focus on.


Land Rover Range Rover 40th Anniversary


2010 年 6 17, series of models for Land Rover Range Rover is a special day for the purpose. From 1970 to now, it has gone through 40 years of his life, and to take the occasion of 40 years, Land Rover Range Rover Series models launched its 40 anniversary edition, it was the Range Rover 40th anniversary celebration drawing on the dotting fortune. In the Range Rover 40th Anniversary Edition, the Land Rover for its use of bright and unique Barolo Barolo Black paint it as the best Italian wine Barolo, like the Queen, in particular under the black light exposure will be looming mysterious purple paint red. And this also reflects the originality of this model is considered a special status. In addition to colors, the appearance of the vehicle Range Rover 40th Anniversary Edition also uses a new 20-inch Diamond Extreme gloss finish alloy wheels, sparkling results highlight the vehicle's high. The rear of the "Autobilography Black" badge with "40 Anniversary" logo embodies the noble and unique atmosphere.



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