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海外旅行英語會話 +高階口語中譯


1.早安。Good morning .

1.請讓我介紹一下我的朋友 。
Let me introduce my friend.

2.你今天好嗎?How are you today?

2.我想讓你見見懷特女士 。
I'd like you to meet Mrs. White.

   I'm fine, thank you. And you?

Mrs. Wu, this is Miss Mary Stone.

   I'm fine, too. Thank you.

She is from California.

   Beautiful day, isn't it?

5.很高興見到你。It's so nice to meet you.


1.這是邁克‧斯通先生。This is Mr. Mike Stone.

1.你能幫我一個忙嗎?Would you do me a favor?

2.你好嗎?How do you do?

2.請幫幫我。Please help me.

3.我叫吳莉莉。My name is Lily Wu.

3.請告訴我你的電話號碼。May l ask your phone number?

4.很高興見到你。Nice to meet you.

4.你願意為我而做嗎?Would you do it for me?

5.見到你我也很高興。Nice to meet you, too.

5.我能為你做什麼?What can I do for you?


1.非常感謝。Thank you very much.

1.我贊定。I agree.

2.謝謝你所做的一切。Thank you for everything.


3.真是雪中送炭。That would really help.

3.我認為你是對的。I think you're right.

4.不客氣。You're welcome.

4.我們要那麼做嗎?Shall we do that?

5.我願意。lt was my pleasure.

5.讓我們那樣做吧。Let's do that.


1.我知道。I see.



2.生日快樂!Happy birthday!


3.你一定很高興吧。You must be happy.


4.你終於做到了。You finally did it.


5.我非常高興聽到那個消息。I'm so happy to hear that.


Shall we go shopping tomorrow?

1.幫我叫輛計程車。A taxi, please.

要 載嗎?May I?

2.對不起,我不能。I'm afraid I can't.

2.載我到這裡。To this place, please.

麻煩到醫院。Hospital, please.

3.明天我很忙。I'm busy tomorrow.

3.麻煩到布朗旅館。Brown’s Hotel, please.

車資多少?How much is the fare?

4.我太累了。I'm too tired.

4.麻煩到希斯羅機場。Heathrow airport, please.

麻煩這裡停。Stop here, please.

麻煩在這裡等一下。Wait here, please.


5.不,謝謝。No, thank you.

5.麻煩到帕丁帳車站。Paddington station, please.

麻煩到郵局。Post office, please.

我要在這裡下車。Let me off here, please. 



1. 對不起。Excuse me!

1.下一站是哪裏?  What's the next station?

2. 我們在哪裏?Where are we?

2. 下站是基隆。   It's Keelung station.

3. 怎樣才能到達博物館?How can I get to the museum?

3. 到台北有多少個站?How many stops are there to Taipei

4. 到哪裏要花多長時間?How long will it take to go there?

4. 你在哪裏下車?Where do you get off?

5. 這附近有飯站嗎?Is there a restaurant near here?

5. 你能告訴我,我們什麼時候到哪裏? Would you tell me when we get there?


1.請原諒。Excuse me!

1.你要去哪裏?Where are you going?

2.百貨公司在哪裏?Where's a department store?

2.我怎麼坐火車去基隆?How can l get to Keelung by train?

3.你要去哪裏?Where are you going?

3.去上野應該乘座哪條線?Which line should I take to go to Ueno?

4.(打開地圖)告訴我們這是哪裏?Please show me where we are.

4.乘坐山手線,是綠色的電車。Take the Yamancte line. It's a green train.

5.到新宿遠嗎?Is it far to Shinjuku?

5.那是第三個站。That's the third stop.

打電話(對方在)  教別人打電話的方法
1.!Hello! 1.我可以用一下你的電話嗎?May I use your phone?
2.我可以和~先生講話嗎?May l speak to Mr. ~? 2.可以,請這邊來。Sure, please come this way.
3.請問是誰?Who is speaking, please? 3.這附近有公用電話嗎?Is there a pay phone around here?
4.我是恩多。This is Endo speaking. 4.街的拐角處有一個。There's one at the corner.
5.請稍等。Hold on, please.5.市內電話費每分鐘二元。A local call is NT 2 for a minute.
打錯電話 打電話
1.對不起,你打錯電話了。I'm sorry you have the wrong number. 1.我可以與霍普先生通話嗎? May I speak to Mr. Hope?
2.你撥的是什麼號碼?        What number did you dial?. 2.我是格雷斯產業的霍恩瑪。This is Honma of  Grace industry.
3.這裏沒有叫邁克的。There's no Mike here. 3.請接海外部。Would you give me the overseas department?
4.你應該再查一下電話號碼。You should check the number again. 4.我可以留話嗎? May I leave a message?
5.對不起,我打錯了。Im sorry Ive got the wrong number.5.我可以給斯通先生回電話。I’m returning Mr. Stone’s call.

1.對不起,她()出去了。I'm sorry she (he) is out.

1.我想打電話到美國。I'd like to make a phone call to America.

2.他什麼時候回來?When will he be back?

2.請接美國的對方付款電話。A collect call to America, please.

3.現在在那裡裏能與他取得聯絡?Where can I reach him now?

3.請問電話號碼是什麼?What's the number, please.


4.請替我留言好嗎?May I leave a message?

4.請掛斷電話並稍等。Please hang up and wait.

5.稍後我會再給他打電話。I'll call him again later.

5.我想確認一下我的預約。I'd like to reconfirm my reservation.

1.你過得怎麼?How have you been? 1. 再見!Good bye!
2.很好,謝謝,你呢?I’ve been fine, thank you. And  you?2.明天見。See you tomorrow.
3.我也很好,謝謝。I’ve been fine, too. Thank you.3. 再見{回頭見)See you again.
4 . 時光如梭!Time flies! 4. 祝你周末愉快。Have a nice weekend!
5.世界真小. Small world!5.保重!Take care!
1.太棒了!That’s  great!1.那太糟了。That’s too bad.
2.我非常高興I’m so happy.2.我很抱歉聽到那些。I’m sorry to hear that.
3.我非常喜歡。I enjoyed it very much.3.那不是你的錯。It’s not your fault.
4.我度渡過了一段好時光。 I had a nice time4.振作起來!Cheer up!
5.聽到這話我很高興 I’m glad to hear that.5.別擔心,我沒事。Don’t worry. I’m all right.
1.請原諒。(請問)Excuse me.1.再說一遍好嗎?Pardon (me)?
2.對不起。I’m sorry.2.說得稍微慢點。Please speak more slowly.
3.都是我的錯。It’s my fault.3.請原諒,我沒能聽清楚你所說的。I’m sorry. I can’t catch you.
4.請原諒我。Please forgive me.4.我不了解。I don’t understand.
5.沒關係。That’s all right.5.那是什麼意思?What does that mean?
1.我可以幫助你嗎?May I help you?1.請原諒(請問)。Excuse me.
2.你迷路了嗎?Are you lost?2.百貨公司在哪裏?Where’s a department store
3.你有地圖嗎?Do you have a map?3.你要去哪裏?Where are you going?
4.我想我能幫助你。I think I can help you.4.打開地圖請告訴我們這是哪裏?Please show me where we are.
5.你不要緊吧?Are you all right?5.到新宿遠嗎?Is it far to Shinjuku?
1.去巴黎的電車在哪裏?Where’s the train for Paris?1.請一直走。Go straight.
2.那趟車從哪條線出發?Form which track does the train leave?2.請在第二個路口向左拐。Turn left at the second corner.
3.上下樓梯。Go down up the stairs.3.在你的左邊。It’s on you left.
4.乘坐有綠色條紋的電車。Take the train with green stripes.4.在你右邊的第三個街區。It’s in the third block on your right.
5.在對面的站台。It’s on the opposite platform.5.你不可能看錯的。You can’t miss it.
1.對不起,哪裡有罐頭食品? Excuse me. Where are the canned foods? 1. 附近有銀行嗎?Is there a bank near here 
2.下一個貨價上有。It's in the next section. 2 .你們把旅行織支票兌換現金嗎?Would you cash traveler’ s checks?
3.我會替你向店員打聽。I'II ask a shop clerk for you. 3 .請找些零錢。With some change, please.
4.在這裡付款嗎?Do I pay here?  4 .請換成十美元一張的紙幣。Into ten dollar bills, please.
5.你是最後一位嗎?Are you the last line?5 .我可以看看你的身分證嗎?May I see your ID card?
1.最近的地鐵站在哪裏?Where’s the nearest subway station?


Where can I get on a bus to the zoo?


Which subway are you taking?


Where should I get off to go to the zoo?
3.(地鐵)的出口在街道的拐角。The exit is on the corner of the street.

3.這是去機場的嗎?Is this to the airport?

4.從A4出口出去。Take Exit A4.

4.我來替你向駕駛員打聽。I'll ask the driver for you.

5.這是去維克多利亞站的嗎?Is this for Victoria?

5.那是第5個停車站。That's the 5th stop.

1.我可以幫助你嗎?May I help you?

1.在哪裏能乘到計程車? Where can l got a taxi?

2.提包在哪裏? Where are the bags?

2.計程車站在哪裏? Wheres the taxi stand?


Wait a minute, please.

3. 乘計程車時,必須走較大一點的街道。

You must go to the bigger street.


I will ask for you.


Available taxis have a red light.

5.在第五層。Its on the 5th floor 5.請到機場。To the airport, please.

1.你是那位?Who is calling?

1.  這個尺寸適合你This is the right size for you.

2.你能說的稍慢一點嗎?Will you speak more slowly?

2.  你很適合穿哪件短衫。You look so nice in that blouse.

3.請稍等One moment, please.

3.  你穿籃色要好看點。You look good in blue .

4.要我轉告什麼嗎?May I take a message?

4.  為什麼不使試試另外一半呢?Why don't you try another one ?

5.要我讓他給你回電話嗎?Shall l have him call you back?

5. 我就要買這個。 I think I'll take it

1.多少錢?How much

1. 我們想請你吃晚餐。We'd like to invite you for dinner.

2.計程車招呼站在哪兒?Where's the taxi stand?

2.下週五晚上你有時間嗎?Do you have time next Friday evening?

3.不用找錢了。Keep the change.

3 .你的安排沒受到影響吧?Will it be all right with you?

4.不用了,謝謝。No, thank you.

4 .真高興聽到那個。I'm so happy to hear.

5.你說什麼?Excuse me?

5 .我們全家想見見你。My whole family wants to meet you.
1. 你可以在收銀員那裏付款。You can pay at the cashier.  
2 .用現金還是信用卡支付?Cash or Credit Card?  
3 .你願意用旅行支票支付嗎?Would you like to pay by traveler's checks?  
4 .我用現金支付。I'll pay in cash.  
5 .你想吧這包裝成禮品嗎?Do  you want this wrapped as a gift?  



1.Drive safe.開車小心。2.What a nice surprise!真沒想到你會來。
3.Who knows?天曉得?4.You never know.福禍未定哪。
5.It's a small world.真是人生何處不相逢。6.I know what you're thinking.我知道你在打什麼主意。
7.Forget it!算了!(沒門兒)8.Not again!又來了!
9.It was just one of those things.這種事怨不得誰啊!10.I get to sleep in tomorrow.我明天可以睡到飽。
11.That's it.老子(娘)受夠了。12.Never mind.算了。(不用了,別麻煩了。)
13.The train tickets are selling like hot cakes.大家都在搶購火車票耶。14.Take it or leave it.要就決定,不要,拉倒。
15.It's now or never.別再猶豫了。16.Don't remind me.別再提了。
17.How do I look?這樣好看嗎?18.Get off my back.別再吵我了。
19.Let's not let up now.大家繼續努力!20.Same to you.彼此彼此。
21.Haven't got all day.快一點。22.I'm all ears.我洗耳恭聽。
23.We had a slow day.今天客人不多。24.How wrong we were!我們錯得多離譜啊。
25.Now we know better.我們總算學了一次乖。26.We are off on the right foot.我們有好的開始。
27.It cost me an arm and a leg.這東西花了我不少錢哪!28.Don't ask.你還是不知道的好。
29.It was music to my ears.我聽得心花怒放!30.Save it!你免開尊口!
31.Send my best to your family.代我向你家人問好!32.Don't I know you from somewhere?我好像在什麼地方見過你耶!
33.Now you're talking.對嘛!這才像一句人話!34.Be a good sport.輸了,就該服輸!
35.Sorry I asked.算我沒問!36.Go fly a kite.走開啦!
37.You need to eat more rabbit food.你得多吃蔬菜。38.Come on, get a life!唉,你改改習性,行不行啊?
39.Save me some!留一些給我!40.That's the end of the ball game.這下沒戲唱了!
41.Let's do lunch.一起吃午餐去!42.It makes my mouth water.這東西讓我流口水!
43.I didn't catch your name.我沒聽清楚你的名字。44.He is my one and only.他是我唯一的愛。
45.It's a done deal.事情已定,不能改了!46.Any fool can see it.再笨的人也知道。
47.He is looking for a one-night stand.他在找一夜情!48.Keep it to yourself.對誰都不許說喔!
49.It's as clear as day.一切清清楚楚。50.You can't fool me.你騙不了我。
51.Hot dog!太棒了!52.It's do or die time for us.我們成敗在此一舉!
53.They may come in handy.這些可能很有用的!54.Never thought I'd see you here.想不到在這裡遇見你!
55.It was nothing to write home about.沒什麼大不了(的事)啦!56.Make us proud.好好幹!
57.Don't I know it!到現在你才知道!58.Run it by me again.請你再說一次。
59.I can't thank you enough.大恩不足以言謝!60.Nothing to it.這簡單啦!誰都會!
61.It's under your nose.遠在天邊,近在眼前!62.I'll make you sorry.我要讓你後悔都來不及!
63.Say when.足夠時,請說一聲!64.I'm not kidding.我不是在開玩笑噢!
65.You are driving me up the wall.我快被你逼瘋了!66.He is not cut out for it.他不是那塊料!
67.Get lost!滾開!68.I'll drop you a line.我會給你寫信。
69.I'm going to catch some Z's.我要去見周公了!70.I'll cut the long story short.我就長話短說吧!
71.I feel like a new person.我又覺得生龍活虎了!72.Don't drop your teeth!別太驚訝!
73.I am short of ten dollars.我缺十塊錢。74.I am easy.我不挑剔!
75.I didn't make the cut.我被淘汰了。76.We won hands down.我們輕輕鬆鬆就贏了!
77.Easy does it.小心,慢慢兒來!78.All isn't lost.並非全盤皆輸!
79.You are looking well.你看起來氣色很好。80.Get well soon.祝你早日康復!
81.I'm all better.我的病全好了。82.God has his plan.一切有上天的安排。
83.Every dog has it's days.人總有時來運轉的時候!84.He barked up the wrong tree.他搞錯對象了。
85.I am having my heart in my mouth.我好提心吊膽哦!86.I'm in over my head.那已經超出我能力之外了。
87.Don't hand me that.別跟我來這一套!88.I can't take it anymore.我快崩潰了!
89.I'll get out of your hair.我不再煩你了。90.I am listening.講你的理由。
91.Keep your hands to yourself.別亂動東西。92.Don't let it get to you.別讓這件事煩你!
93.I'm on pins and needles.我是如坐針氈啊!94.My blood ran cold.我嚇死了!
95.Don't worry yourself sick.別憂慮出病來。96.She can clean my clock.她可以讓我毫無招架之力。
97.My bad!啊,錯了!98.I am out of here.我走了!
99.I wouldn't put it past him.別太小看他喔!100.I am there!我一定會到!
101.I am sorry to put you on the spot.讓你匆匆上陣,不好意思!102.That was a close call.好險哪!
103.I know my ABC's.我懂我的行當!104.That's for sure.那是一定的啦!
105.We need to talk.我要跟你談談。106.You are teaching a fish how to swim.你真是班門弄斧!
107.I love it.我喜歡!108.It works for me.可以呀!
109.I know it like a book.我對這個熟得很!110.I want a nine-to-five job.我要一份固定上下班的工作。
111.I could do that in my sleep.我閉著眼睛都做得到。112.That's not my cup of tea.我對那沒興趣。