2022-06-08 05:14:37Tempsfuit

Life altering moments

I haven’t really believed in changing my life for the better. It probably requires too much effort, and despite my years of self delusion, I’m still a relatively lazy person looking for a short cut in life.

Unless the outcome serves me dearly and the efforts are not excruciatingly painful, I might take it up.

So, knowing the baseline character of myself, I’m really interested to see how I can get out of the rut and better my life.

This new person I want to be, is no longer defined by social expectations, or my perceived portrait of happiness - good looks, great body, sunshine and vacations, but rather a self defined version of a happier self.

The questions begs my exploration of the inner self, driven by things that make me happy, and truth and nothing but the truth.

Doesn’t mean I can’t stretch myself though, but we have to start from a place of honesty.

For example, my desire for a banger body, but I want minimal input. Hardcore exercising is not my thing, and persistence drives me insane.
So I will only pick things that I enjoy doing, such as swimming, bikram, at home exercises off an app.

I’ll think about other aspects of my life and write more as I figure myself out.

Other areas I’d like to think over are
- career
- joy
- friendship
- family
- sex