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1117 走讀巷弄

Went to #辛亥路新生南路附近 yesterday and skip #內湖區 again. Also, I've found #法稅改革聯盟 at #台電大樓 in the evening and I've read their articles and videos several years ago. w/ Chiechin Peng Walked around lanes there, watched and listened what people talked about. And, there's a small park near #人力發展中心福華文教會館, so I walked in and stayed a while. It's very interesting and nice hours to talked with #楊風 and #許進雄, #與收到教授們細膩良善和超級偶像的美好 Yes, they are really good personality that I am so enjoy to get along with. Also, #影印紙是感應式且一張三元, means a start and material difficulties during their university at #台灣大學. Not able to catch them up while their study and teaching, but it's an honor to share some story while discussion. #體貼細膩良善的人格特質可薰香迷人了 #許進雄教授自本月底周日午後於世新大學有課程 In addition, good time to discuss with them for some subjects that happened around. #果真出現愛炫耀的貼文啊 ps. Temperature could be around 22~30'c this week, quite high during the evening walked in Taipei yesterday.

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10/20晚也在那附近走逛但遇雨淋濕所以傷風數日以前不曾如此哩~ 也錯過前往內湖了!