2019-12-18 11:24:21WitchVera

1209_Tfuya trip

覺得上周一、二的貿然前往打擾探頭探腦且問東問西很失禮, 特富野部落的精巧與恭謹勤勞之美甚為醉心, 僅於此至上誠摯謝意並致歉請多為包涵!

The forest could enrich the mountain and those living who rely on it, it’s a different sightseeing when you drove passed #嘉義番路愛情大草原. If you’d like, you could also stop there near #嘉義縣番路鄉黎明國小 for a while.


A tortuous mountain road lead us to Tfuya, high altitude, high drop also could experience straitened to living around here. Fresh air and cool wind just like open arms there.


What the tribe to make a basic living, tea, coffee, honey, Eutrema japanicum, vegetable and they are going to try upland rice next year. Small size of plant force them to work very early in the morning every day, still they shall deal with land, people and mountain.


The significant costume they make could tell us the story of domestic life, which is a design patent and splendid artwork that worth to respect. Turn back the clock could be easier, bring him alive is another story.


So sorry to visit the tribe in Tfuya Alishan, Jiayi so hurry last week. Those family we met were actually busy at their daily work, and still, they make so many present and decent meal for us.



(學名:Eutrema japonicum;日语:山葵/わさび/ワサビ)