2019-06-28 09:27:14WitchVera


You have to take off my tongue first
Just like the way that our world
took my finger prints
hid my glasses
cut a layer of slender hairs of mine
。My captain always weak
but my palatine uvula hang-over the root of my tongue
to guard my pharynx nights after nights
to cover my mouth avoiding singing and swallowing
Also, not let the animal feed-up by night to eat 
my laryngeal prominence I stitched underneath 
Plus, pressing down the way my stomach against gravity of Acid Reflux
I must keep awakening
to prevent my nail was cut when I asleep
I must
every so often to grab, hidden-somewhere,
an addition to write poets

translated by #VeraPon

談論是指: 言談/論壇/討論/Line或神交阿?
True love could be made when we talk about it?
And, it became a perfect-grow seed, bid in sudden then 
Drop on our heads after that? We've been talked a whole night
True love calling the spirit and keeping failed 
All the spell and voodoo words had been used

We felt something come and near
to the door or window and we're supposed
it is not true love definitely, the candle is going to burn-down

Life to us, never been talk about nor point out
Which is going to be take place what it used to be
translated by Vera Pon

請見諒不假思索地直譯成如上幾句, 太喜愛這首作品了!
謝謝#陳克華醫師 您的可愛大方作品. 午安安