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There were only two people in this group

Before white settlers discovered Addison and made their homes along the native timber groves and rivers that provided fuel and food, Native Americans inhabited this land.InvisalignThe first pioneers did not reach this area until September 1833. They traveled from Detroit by land, stopped briefly in Chicago, and ventured northwest along a trail made by the army of General Winfield Scott just one year earlier.

There were only two people in this group: Hezekiah Dunklee from New Hampshire and Mason Smith from New York. Once these brave souls found the large grove of trees on the eastern bank of what is now Salt Creek, they knew they were home. One year later, they were joined by the Bernhard Koehler family who settled east of what was by then Dunklee's Grove.

More Friends Come to Addison, IL

Relatives and friends soon joined these pioneers and by 1844, 200 people lived in the area. A general store, steam gristmill, blacksmith shop, and other businesses opened. State laws allowed the formation of school districts in 1853 and the first public school was built in 1858. The village of Addison was incorporated in 1884 with a populationtea pot infuser of 400. Henry Buchholz was its first president and he served until 1891.

The Addison Railroad Company, Inc. was formed by five local men in 1890 and a charter was issued for a railroad track later that year. The first train rolled into the village on September 12, 1890, for a picnic at the Evangelical Lutheran Orphan Home. Five years later, telephone service become available. Light and power lines were installed in 1912 by the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois and gas lines arrived several months later.

In the decades that followed, Addison, IL experienced the effects of the Great Depression, prosperity during World War II, and growth resulting from the subsequent baby boom. Homes, churches, and schools were built and sections of subdivisions were designated as park areas.Today, Addison is a busy suburb but its residents maintain traditional values.向日葵纖體美容好唔好