2018-04-14 00:10:50LaLa


有想做的事但是又做不到,无奈... 球场离我好远,好像再也回不去了。可是教练和球队对我很重要... 不想看着球队垮掉...


Teammies, your ex-captain speaking, i may not be in the best position to speak now. But if you still have that tiny bit of respect for the BB, read what i'm gonna say. For those who do not wish to read, i will alert the the group once i'm done.

There's no sure-win for any matches, but there's a sure-lost if you do not put in your full effort. If you aim to lose the game, then don't even start it. Don't say you have no choice, you CHOSE to be part of the BB team.

Batch17, remember our first match? The day we fought so hard but we didn't get Gold. We needed a captain, and you girls voted for me. We trained hard as a team, we motivated each other. You girls used to listen to my command, now can you girls, listen to me, just one last time, work hard for the team, don't give up yet. Remember how hard we trained for each match,how hard we celebrated each victory? It feels good, isn't it?

I may not be able to train with you girls anymore, but trust me, my heart's always with you girls. The monstrous trainings we went through, the sleepless-camps, the silly songs we sang, the group back scrub we did in the shower... those are my fond memories. But we can't leave in memory, we gonna move on, right?

Batch17 creates miracles, aint't we? Shall we create more miracles for the team? Show me the spirit we used to have. Show me what we are worth of!



[Captain, we need u back to motivate us. We don't need a new captain, we'll wait for u.]

[E, get well n get up. We're waiting for u.]

[Come bk b4 we give up... the team is nt the same without u!]

[Batch17,lets give it a shot!]

眼泪停不住了,我好想念你们,我好想回去... 我真的很没用,这样的我,没资格当你们的captain.