2020-08-11 17:41:33Sophia Chen

prevent 19~part 6

i am confused about the phone and the internet

the messages and phone calls will make people annoying

the disease prevention is for keeping healthy and feel better

during the horrible period of times, i feel uncomfortable and angry about this situation.

am i a famous person or stars? or just a nobody else~~~

people just know who is sick or unhealthy or healthy?

what's the diffenence between three or more conditions?

for me, i just know healthy and happy more important than others

surely, there is a trouble for this world nowadays.

for almost half year, people could not support by the doctors and nurses..etc

typhoon and earthquake also happened here in few hrs ago.

so it does not bother me concentrating on my worksheet of practices

the more you practice learning chinese or english, the better essay or poems will make it better than before

so just keep writing and no more words limits, just write what you think about

for me, english is better than before

because i almost forgot how spelling or grammar else

there is no rules about the feelings or thoughts

only what you have to respect the authors

then you can learn from the original one

maybe you could create and brainstoring your mind

the better way for me to be better by myself~

thanks for the reading and hope you all could have a good time with it

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