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2015-9-17 象神節談話


2015-9-17 象神節談話
17 Sept, 7:15 PM IST: Wishing you a very happy Ganesh Chathurthi, live from The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore.
Who is Ganesha? @SriSri explains in this knowledge sheet.

Sri Sri: Hmmm...
Today, Ganesh Chathurthi is celebrated all over India.
See, in life when you do something you face obstacles. If you want to blame someone or do something wrong, there are no hurdles.
It is through knowledge that you can make crisis as a stepping stone to move further. Obstacles can be seen as an impediment for progress or as a catalyst for moving further. How can you turn a crisis into an advantage? Only through knowledge and wisdom. It is wisdom that gives you courage, confidence, ideas, and energy to take on any crisis, any obstacle. And Ganapati is nothing but embodiment of wisdom. If you turn around and see all that we use in life it is all a product of intellect. And every time a new model comes it is the product of Siddhi. In Siddhi you keep perfecting it.
Unthinkable happenings are called Siddhis.
Few decades ago cell phone was unthinkable. Today there are biometric locks. How cell phone can recognize your bio energy?
There are so many different patterns of energy in this Universe.
Your cellphone you have locked with your bioenergy. It does not open with someone else's thumb.
This minute perfection is present in Creation.
There are different patterns with different names. Ganapati is that aspect which removes obstacles and gives perfection in life.
Imperfection in intellect is called dumbness. Imperfection is emotions is called misery. Siddhi is bringing intellectual and emotional perfection.
if you stretch it a little further. Perfection in action is that which brings results. If there is no gap between intent and achievement, that is Siddhi. When achievement and intent are the same that is Siddhi.
When intellect and intent coincide that is Buddhi.
Ganapati is that force in life which brings both siddhi and buddhi.
From time immemorial, Ganapati has been adored.
In Mexico, in Peru they have found Ganapati.
At one point of time this was prevalent.
In the cycle of time, the knowledge shrinks to a smaller geological space, but then again it gets revived. Time and again it gets revived.
Time has come to get this wisdom to manifest again. This knowledge has to knock on the door of the heart of every individual.
Q: Jesus Christ doubted twice. Does doubt ever enter your mind?
Sri Sri: In order to understand faith, you must understand doubt.
Doubt is always about something positive.
When you are miserable, you are so sure.
If soemone tells you, "I love you so much"
You say, "Really?"
We doubt the goodness of people. So, I understood doubt. So, it cannot just come into my mind.
Q: I am gay and I cannot accept it. It kills me.
Sri Sri: First of all don't put a label on your head.
If this tendency has come up in you, accept it.
It may be there for the whole lifetime or it may not be there.
Remember that you are made up of both male and female elements dominate.
Just accept and move on.
You don't need to blame anybody.
Self blame is the biggest impediment on the spiritual path.
You don't have to put a label on your head. If at all you want o put a label, say you are space. I am Shivoham Shivoham. This is what you must say.
Q: The Syrian refugee crisis is very confusing. Some people are saying they are genuine refugees others say that they will create cultural imbalance.
Sri Sri: I have also heard that extremists have also entered.
This sort of thing had also happened in India. Kashmiris came all the way and settled in Coorg.
Religious intolerance has been there since the middle ages. Many wars have been fought. In the recorded human history, the Earth has been at peace only for a few years.
Rest of the time there has been some or the other conflict.
Let's all work to stopping this madness. It should not spread to other parts of the world.
Q: Why wasn't I born in a Hindu household?
Sri Sri: Keep aside Hindu, Muslim, Christian, you are a beautiful human being.
You are lucky to be on the spiritual path.
Many Hindus have taken for granted and they don't know anything about it. In fact it is good to start on the spiritual path with a clean slate. Just because some people have a tradition, it doe not mean they know the tradition.
Feel happy, grateful that you have a path. This path can unite everybody. In the sky there is no defined path. On the road, you have to travel only on the road.
Q: There is a story that Ganesha fell and the moon laughed.
Sri Sri: Knowledge was encapsulated in small stories so that even children could get something. There is nothing serious about it. But if you go deeper you can find something.
Moon is mind. Ganesha is lord of the intellect.
When mind wins over the intellect, that is misery.
When intellect wins over emotions, then there is beauty.
If your acceptance is without wisdom. You simply accept, it is going to break one day.
Many times people tolerate and tolerate and one day they burst out.
There was no snake belt at that time. Snake is the symbol of awareness.
When you fall, mind will tell you, "Look. I told you."
Mind laughs you kept accepting, you should not have accepted.
Then awareness came, and then the intellect became one-pointed.
He put a dent on the moon. Moon is mind.
Mind says, "I accept wisdom is most important."
We should not take these stories literally.
Symbols are eternal. The meaning of words change.
Every few hundred years the meaning of words change.
If you put the word Danger, only people in English can read it.
The moment you put a skull; and two bones, everybody knows.
This is a symbolic day.
Looking at the moon this will happen, this is all child's play.
Inevitably, there will be cloud.
This is a forbidden apple. Don't see the moon. Everyone sees it that day.
That is to keep your awareness soaked in devotion. That is important.
All that we see all around and the one who is seeing, the one who is comprehending it is all one divinity and that is devotion.
Q: Message for Wo rld Peace Day.
Sri Sri" World Peace is only possible with inner peace.
World is formed by individuals.
One who finds inner peace will only create peace around.
Unless we inculcate the art of inner peace in human endeavor, we cannot achieve world peace.