2014-01-21 09:21:08Guruji

唱誦 Om Namah SHIVAYA!

如果負面想法、不安全感、疑惑進到腦海裏,就唱誦 Om Namah SHIVAYA! 它已經存在數千年了。唱誦帶給我們的心、與內在自性能量。這是非常有威力的,我們應該每天這樣唱誦。那將會避開抑鬱憂鬱。 就試試看吧!你會發現,當你低落的時刻,唱頌Om Namah SHIVAYA會消除那負面。 - 古儒吉大師

If negative thoughts, insecurities, doubts come into the mind, chant Om Namah Shivaya. It has been there for thousands of years. Chanting energizes our psyche, our inner self. It is very powerful and we should chant this everyday. It will keep away depression. Just try this. You will see that whenever you are low, saying Om Namah Shivaya removes the negativity. - Sri Sri

(註) Om Namah SHIVAYA之意涵