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Q: Punditji,do you think I am with the wrong partner? Maybe she is not the one for me and I should just find someone else?⋯⋯






(取自Michale Fischman 著《Stumbling Into Infinity》
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 Sri Sri: If you know how to row a boat, you can row any boat. But if you don’t know how to row, changing boats won’t help. Changing the relationship does not solve the issue. Sooner or later, you will be in the same situation in any relationship.
Most people look everywhere for a perfect relationship, but few look deep within themselves, to the place from where we relate. What is your relationship to yourself? Who are you to yourself?
If your relationship is based on personal need, it may not last long. Once the need is fulfilled, on a physical level or on an emotional level, the mind will look for something else and go somewhere else. If your relationship is from the level of sharing, then it can last longer.

Q: People often find relationships that fulfill certain needs. What’s wrong with that?
Sri Sri: When you are looking for security, love, and comfort from your partner, you become weak. You are on the receiving end. When you are weak, all the negative emotions come up and you become demanding. Demand destroys love. If we just know this one thing, we could save our love from getting rotten. It’s the limited awareness of ourselves, the limited experience of love, that encapsulates you in a tiny compartment where you start suffocating. We can even handle the love we are asking for because we have never probe into the depth of our own mind, our own consciousness.