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2020-10-21 04:40:15霜鷹

All the days without you

When the day starts without you, will you be able to see?  

The sun rise and fills my eyes, they are fill with tears for thee.

Do you know that I cry and cry everyday

While thinking of all the words that I didn't say?


People said that you loved me, do you know that I loved you?

Every time I think of you, will you be thinking of me too?

Now everyday starts without you, I fail to understand.

Why God would take you away from my hand.


For all my life, I'd never imagine you'd gone before me.

You were so strong and lively, how can that be?

Now that you are gone, leaving me behind.

I'm sad, lonely, guilty and everything combined.


I keep thinking of all the yesterdays, the good and the bad.

I keep thinking of all the love we shared and all the fun we had.

I wish I could relive all the yesterdays just for a little while,

So I could tell you what I wanted to say and probably see you smile.

But I realize this could never be,

And the emptiness will forever be with me.


Is it true that when I think about you everyday that we are not really apart

Cos you are here with me in my heart?



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