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“你真偉大”(by Alan Jackson )歌詞

首英文的“你真偉大”,附有歌詞,太好聽了。by Alan Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcF75h4BHk8&feature=related)


How Great Thou Art歌詞:

Oh, Lord, my God,  主啊,我神,

When I in awesome wonder,  每當我驚訝觀看,

Consider all the worlds

thy hands have made.  你手所造,一切奇妙大工。

I see the stars, 我見星宿,

I hear the rolling thunder,  又聽到隆隆雷聲,

Thy power through out 

the universe displayed.  你的大能,遍佈在宇宙中。

Then sings my soul  我靈歌唱,

my Savior God to thee,  讚美救主,我神。

How great thou art!  你真偉大!

How great thou art!你真偉大!


When Christ shall come   當主再來,

with shout of acclamation,   歡呼聲響徹天空,

And take me home,  

what joy shall fill my heart.   何等喜樂,主接我回天家。

Then I shall bow   我要躬身,

in humble adoration   謙卑敬拜尊崇,

And there proclaim   並要頌揚

My God, how great thou art!   神啊,你真偉大!

Then sings my soul   我靈歌唱,

my Savior God to thee,   讚美救主,我神。

How great thou art!    你真偉大!   

How great thou art!   你真偉大!




 參看Psalms 19:1聖詠十九篇第1節:

The heaven declare the glory of God; 高天陳述天主的光榮,

the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 穹蒼宣揚祂手的化工。