2013-04-25 16:11:32Selena

Letters & gifts from Claire on April. 2013

Letters & Gifts from Claire


annie 2013-05-02 20:40:39

I like homework.我喜歡做功課.
A few days ago I went to West Palm Beach.幾天前,我去西棕櫚灘.
When I was there,I played fish ball.我在那裡玩fish ball.

joseph 2013-04-30 19:23:07

love clare 愛clare的

dear annie jason joseph and sandy


annie 2013-04-28 20:24:51

I hung them on my door.我把它掛在我的門上.
I can't wait to update you on the rest of the litter!我等不及要在信裡告訴你我的最新消息!
What do you do at home?你都在家裡做什麼?