2012-12-15 21:21:05Selena

Tierno / 連亞萱, 黃靜妹, 徐敬翔, 郭展旭

Hi Tierno,

We're Amy(連亞萱), Coco(黃靜妹), Tim(徐敬翔) and Johnson(郭展旭).


♫                              ♫                              ♫



A leter from Tierno...

Johnson 2013-01-08 20:37:16

上面看不懂 先不打 跳過(=゚ω゚)ノ
Team time is a time when you can play some games. On Tuesday, we have gym, that is when you do exercising, do you have team times and trips? We are going to Mack robots on October 11th, fite after my birthday. I can't to wait to see your letter. My birthday it's at tomorrow. When is your birthday! Thank's for reading my letter, good bye!
Love Tierno.

Johnson 2013-01-08 20:15:35

I live on unyin street. I am in second grade. At my house, I like play on my iPad and in this summer, I go to France. And I'm play Legos. My favorite part in school is choice time. Choice time is a time when you can pick a chos to play like Legos.

黃靜妹 (coco) 2012-12-25 19:37:06

拍謝 沒看到= =