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2014-12-29 14:46:32peanut

Mosley Ann

In my story, Mosley Ann is not the milk name, but one of my friends, just a friend.
Mosley Ann just go to my class, was a little girl, perhaps because of the height of the reasons, perhaps because of mental age, but these now looks are not important, because she really grow up.
Mosley Ann is an outgoing and kind-hearted girl, with a northern boy character, that few people regarded her as a girl .
What was the first to Mosley Ann began to understand I can't remember now. Perhaps it is because of the long time, maybe forget inadvertently, in short, all of this is already a thing of the past.
The story also mentions from seven or eight years ago, is now seven or eight years, maybe much more. Before long, can forget a person, sometimes I often think? Whether it really was Mosley Ann existed, perhaps Mosley Ann just my imagination.
Mosley Ann just transferred performance is good, can only be regarded as a secondary student, every time the exam can arrange to around 20 in the class, I was under the impression that when the class has 30 much people only. Results in the teacher's eyes good is a good student, most bad grades are bad student, I was a member of the most bad students. Just transfer, Mosley Ann with a strong dialect, as to which dialect, I do not know, in all that time that she speaks mystifying. Because there is always reason dialect caused naughty students in the class laughed at, fortunately I was not a member of them, because I was born to love to laugh international travel jobs.
Mosley Ann is very good, is the kind of effort of the students, don't understand the problem, always think of a way to understand. Because of the language problem, so she took many tortuous paths, little also of course not laugh. A lot of things are like this, as long as the effort will have a harvest, gradually Mosley Ann grades began to rise, fifteen, ten, five before, anyway she later very good.
I have been very fond of saying "don't ask how much hard work, cultivate its own new harvest", so don't complain, ease, you want, time will give you.
Continued Mosley Ann's story, when Mosley Ann scores better, with her cheerful personality, very fast and the classmates relationship becomes very good, especially some boys, because most of the boys are not particularly like sentimental girl. Human nature is always like that, when you don't HERSHEY'S others will despise you, when you become outstanding, others will envy which doped with a lot of jealousy in the HIFU.
When the class a very very thin handsome boys like girls, very popular with the class. When the boys saw Mosley and the relations are very good, a lot of girls started to envy, began to heckle Mosley ANN, little trouble will find Mosley ANN, when Mosley Ann answered in a mixed with dialect accent, ridiculed, little boy's voice, but many girl's voice. The beginning of Mosley Ann does not care about these, but gradually she found her clothes always baffled many water pen, desk is often more garbage, ball point pen will be broken or lost... ..