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Ten years ago

Ten years ago, the Labor Day holiday has just finished, I is emptiness. That morning, sunny, branch Zhen Ye Yang, an idyllic scene. You are a delicate bright purple, and in my eyes, into my heart, rotation, rotation......
When you are under the age of nineteen, I was twenty-seven years old.
A colleague, is also my former students, gently hinted, to my attention to you. So, I put down the usual reserved and stiff, made a cup of hot suitable Green Tea, both hands to you. And then, I'm back to the old state, don't you, don't you say a word, to do my business. I'm afraid you have the wrong idea, because I lost.
First you sat across from me, from time to time the soft voice asked, I commom;cynical to all. Never think, then, you have moved a stool to sit by my side, near, firmly.
As a teacher of students graduating, my former students, now just follow my internship, I think, you don't notice me at the time of the situation. In this office the most humid place, exercise books and dictionaries on my desk is always holding the most, struggling to cope with the daily teaching and examination. In school, I experienced all the wishful thinking of love, desire and disappointment, dating, too clumsy and miss the love failure. "People like me don't deserve happiness." I always so depressed autism.
However, one day down, you seem to be more near to me. It looks like rain day is sunny day. Two dimples you smiles up, mauve, bloom in each meeting time, long hanging in my heart. One day, finally you talk, you saw me in the last month to write poem:
But this life decreed by fate.
I want to stay with others
No one to accompany me
Live can only prove that I was a loser
But the die can prove what.
After half month, you accept actively Township Education Office's request, a primary school to compare remote do free generation of temporary teachers. My heart is also with you, you make me feel, everything is so beautiful...... Without you the days together, my ears echoed in your laughter, my eyes every day looking forward to you and your......
However, I was afraid to you, there is a negative youth you. I sincerely hope, I am better than men, success in your life happiness and contentment.
When I introduce you to my good relationship, much younger than my colleagues, colleagues plays a joke on you, show contempt for you. Finally I regret. I was so late to see his utilitarian. I think: he is really not to know chalk from cheese! Such a good girl, why should I let others love! Later, even with other colleagues, when my face, you foul, wantonly vilify the image of you. I cannot be held back in anger! I think: why I can't love you!

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