2014-02-20 15:14:04peanut

When the winter warmer

In our life, will meet this kind of person. However, accompany you to the last man, but scanty. It let us think love is the most important, you that last man bring you peace of mind, often will always be deliberately ignored.
Young we look down wash their socks for life, everyone thinks they should not live this life, always feel that they have a broader world. But in my opinion, can meet the, are you willing to lay down the heart, put down the grandiose, and life, to wash their hands to make soup, but become a bursting happiness.
Many people say the man finally getting married is not you love most. Maybe it is true, maybe not. As they say, you are strong, you can get together with someone you love, you need to protect, and you love the people together is a truth. Not, will become your most loved, the one together, could you ignore him in your heart component, you didn't love he, how can get married.
Many articles have taught us how to love, but no one tells us how to choose the last man. They all said, you see that person, you know, is, is he.
When I was very little would like all people, fantasy that last appeared on the scene, location, background music, we may say what, do what. But I still can't understand, why you see that person will know, now I know. Not that people have much charm, you go through so many people and things, you begin to understand that you need to find a what kind of person. Then, the man at the right time, right place. Will you understand, you want to find, is such a person, is, is he.
You may have experienced the pain,, you know how to love, how to comfort. When the heart terribly fatigued, you can rely on each other, the need to care and cherish each other, then, this is marriage.
Luckily, we did not miss, if imprint is engraved on my heart., didn't seem so important. As long as a man in, don't need to be afraid, no need to panic, he can be like a tree as you have covered all the wind and rain, let you fall asleep in his arms.
Now everything is not easy, compared with your efforts, my feelings, it seems too small.
Perhaps everyone has a disaster, you want to hide hide, that person might understand everything you do, may not. Can't. A L. Can understand, can an achievement story. Fortunately, you don't have to give up. Fortunately, I finally understand.
I always thought my feelings road is rugged. But now, you also suffer unspeakably. However, thanks to that time, it let us see what is precious.