2018-04-04 14:57:19LaLa

The Day

A day prior to another check-up before deciding if a biopsy procedure is appropriate, given my current conditions.

As I sat silently in my room, I slowly retreated into my own world. I vividly recalled the day I moved back to this apartment alone, the skies were blue, the smell of sunshine was strong. I felt that life was at peak, I’m back here to realise my dreams. I was popular in school for being the top student in my faculty, I got into the debate society and represented my school at numerous competitions.

My world collapsed the day my health starts to deteriorate. I couldn’t accept the fact that there will be one day, I will be gone, not because of old age but because of my heart. But I soon picked myself up again, for there are far too many tasks waiting for me to complete.

I secretly checked out the organ donation act in this country, hoping that whatever remain healthy inside me when times come, they can be useful to others. Then I started clearing my room, boxing up a lot of things that I decided to donate, to sell and to throw. That was how I became a minimalist. I am not looking forward for that day, but I must be prepared.

I thought that was the worst I can get, but I was wrong. The worst is yet to come. I reckon that’s life, it’s full of uncertainty. Tomorrow shall be the day, my judgement day.