2020-08-28 07:44:52Sophia Chen




so you can put the water in the bottle then set it in other side

why this treatment important for us being here?

we all know the weather change a lot

after the typhoon, all stored water may change its original

as we known for about ten years ago, the typhoon born with the sea temperture and some conditions

and the air is filled with black and is hurtful human health

the more we breathe without mask, the more it will hurt our lungs.

this year, the covid happened suddenly, and all over the world

mask were sold out quickly, human all want to live and afraid of the next one will be yourself

the plane also affected all travelers and they suffers from all possible reasons 

during the period, they maybe  stay safe side or got the virus .......

no one knows, they only care about their friends and family

so during the fourteen days once more,

the more brainstorming you could learn from life~~

haha so the treatment is what????

maybe jsut test one's heart whether he or she is kind or selfish....