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Coats for Kids campaign underway

Last year, Chyiann Terris, Claudette Warrick and Sandra Gallagher resurrected the Coats for Kids campaign, collecting more than 200 coats and items like winter boots, snow pants, hats and mittens for children and even adults in need. 

“We had lots and lots of items donated,” said Gallagher. “We keep putting boxes underneath the table and putting more coats out as more people would come to pick them up.” 

The donations were so plentiful that several coats and other items were left over. 

With last year’s success and interest already from people needing a warm winter coat, the trio has decided to once again organize the campaign. 

“It was rewarding last year, helping out tons of kids and adults,” said Terris, a mother herself. “It was nice to see everyone coming to get coats and boots.” 

This year, the Summerside Boys and Girls Club and local car dealership, Hemphill GM, have come on board to accept donations. 

Warrick sees the Boys and Girls Club as being a perfect fit with the campaign. 

“It is used by the community and there are tonnes of kids going in and out of there all the time,” said the mother of three. “Some of them need these coats.” 

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The women believe this year the need is great, with increasing housing, food, fuel,The fee includes lunch and a soft-sided Cooler Bag Wholesale filled with useful golf items, 18 holes of golf, carts, and a buffet dinner immediately following the tournament. and child-care costs, coupled with changes in eligibility for employment insurance. 

Donations can be dropped off at Terris’ home at 77 Nepture Cres. in Slemon Park, at Warrick’s home at 34 Kelly Dr. in Miscouche or at Gallagher’s at 371 Brophy Ave.He demanded the woman handed over money and, fearing for her life, she emptied cash from the till into a Drawstring Bags Wholesale before he left., Summerside. 
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