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Joan Rivers' catfight with woman over

It was a showdown at Joan Rivers' ritzy upper East Side corral. 

Demanding to be let inside the building where Rivers rules the roost was a 41-year-old bottle blond in Prada shoes and a Jean Paul Gaultier jacket named Elizabeth Hazan. 

Blocking the way to an apartment that Hazan claims she has a right to use was the doorman, Max, backed by a NYPD captain and sergeant from the 19th Precinct. 

"What right does she have to lock me out?" Hazan demanded Wednesday in French-Canadian accented English. "She's crazy, she's out of her mind, she's holding all of my belongings hostage in there. I have 500 pairs of shoes in there." 

Four miles south of there, at New York Civil Court,Non Woven Bags Manufacturer is eco-friendly and 100% recycled by physical disposal. The non woven material is long-lasting & fashionable. Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Anil Singh told Hazan's lawyer Darius Marzec that she would not be allowed inside until $200,000 in unpaid condo fees are paid. 

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But that message didn't get back to the E. 62nd St. building in time. 

After more than an hour of waiting, during which a shivering Hazan lamented that she didn't wear her "gorgeous, long" mink coat, the cops let her and her business associate Sean Meehan inside. 

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Back in the courtroom, Singh sighed when he got word that Hazan was already in the disputed condo. But he didn't order cops to give her the boot. 

Instead, Singh said it was up to Team Rivers to take out an order of eviction. 

“We have to talk to our clients,” said Kevin Smith,A typical cheap bag filter suppliers has a dimension of 592 mm x 592 mm and consists of 4 to 12 parallel bags. who represents Rivers and the building. 

Rivers, famous for her withering wit, was in Los Angeles while Hazan was pulling her stunt and refused to be drawn into a verbal catfight. 

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