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KEM Hospital ups security after molestation case

KEM Hospital authorities have decided to beef up security after a woman complained that she was molested by another patient's relative.Any one know where to get cheap nomex cloth manufacturers by the yard?I can get scraps out of the trash at work but for the Bruiser project I need a few yards of the stuff, prefferably not sage green. The hospital will put up a notice stating that no man will be allowed to enter the women's ward except during visiting hours. 

The woman (28) had complained that early on Saturday, an unidentified man groped and kissed her when she was fast asleep in the general ward. She was under medication and it took a while before she could understand what was happening. Once she woke up, she started to hit the man, who managed to run away. 

While the police have gone through CCTV camera footage, they have been unable to nab the perpetrator. "The CCTV camera footage is not very clear, but we are looking for the accused," said Dr Shubhangi Parkar, acting dean of KEM Hospital. 

"We have told the nursing and the security staff to be extra careful. Henceforth, they will be held responsible if a man is found inside the women's ward," said Dr Parkar. 

Such incidents may be a one-of,If you want to avoid a trip to the hospital, and you like to play in the water, I highly recommend getting a buy water shoes online. but lack of security at hospitals, especially the government ones, is evident. While molestation, vandalism by patient's relatives and baby thefts at hospitals are not unheard of, petty crimes such as theft of personal belongings go unreported. 

For instance, a thief had been targeting hospitals such as KEM and Tata Memorial over the past couple of months. He used to lift purses and bags from the hospitals. Though the thief was nabbed last week by the Bhoiwada police, it was only after the man had stolen more than 20 bags. 

In another incident, a voice box-a device used to recognize and improvise on voice in case of larynx failure-was stolen from Tata Memorial Hospital a few years ago. A throat cancer patient had bought the equipment and kept it in the hospital a night before the surgery and realized the next morning that it was stolen.Light hiking shoes for sale: Resembling burly running shoes, these low-cut models with flexible midsoles are excellent for day hiking. 

Experts say that crimes at hospitals are common. "In an urban city like ours, hospitals are like any other public place, with hardly anyone to keep an eye," said medico-legal expert Dr Lalit Kapoor. 

However,Promotional eco bag sale available in custom sizes and styles from cheaptotebags.com. even private hospitals are not devoid of crimes. Dr Kapoor talks about a case in a private hospital, when an unidentified man posed as a doctor and told a lady patient to remove her gold chain on the pretext of examining her. Later, neither the "doctor" nor the gold chain could be found. 

"Sporadic cases happen anywhere.buy hiking boots online at www.qdgoutdoor.com. But if there are frequent cases at a particular hospital, then there is something wrong. Constant monitoring is the only way to avoid such crimes," said Dr Kapoor. 
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