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Eagles coach Chip Kelly

Here's a full transcript of Eagles head coach Chip Kelly's Tuesday press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports: With about three games in 11 days, did you change anything as far as getting them off their feet more and shorter practices or anything like that? Yeah, 

we obviously had to make an adjustment this week. When you play a game on Sunday, and you have to come back and play a game on Thursday, that's the one that really adjusts your schedule just because you only really have three training days. 

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Richa Chadda is all set for her next with Pooja Bhatt. The bold and beautiful girl will be seen sporting a retro look in the film, opposite Randeep Hooda. What more, her look is quite similar to Parveen Babi’s look in Ameer Aadmi Gareeb Aadmi. 

The Gangs of Wasseypur girl speaks about her look in the film, says,hiking boots sale On Sale - Shop our selection of Hiking Boots On Sale,www.qdgoutdoor.com. “My look in the movie is retro, with an 80s feel. I have referred to a lot of style icons from across the globe for it. I have big shoes to fill in as Parveen is known not only for her beauty and acting, but also for her sense of style and fashion.” 

Well, we’ll have to watch and decide if Richa does justice in copying Parveen’s style.