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The Arts Hour ‘Virtually’ on Tour in Stockholm

The Arts Hour ‘Virtually’ on Tour in Stockholm

About this Event

Please join us for the recording of BBC World Service Radio's 'The Arts Hour 'Virtually' on Tour in Stockholm', in English, on Wednesday 10 March, online from 1345 CET.

There will be performances from top artists including musician Sara Parkman, stand-up comedy and filmmakers, including director Ruben Östlund, who will also be discussing Swedish artists' response to the pandemic.

Everyone can join us from their computer on 10 March at 1345 CET and the programme will be broadcast on Saturday 20 March.

And we would like to hear from you and we might include your comment in the programme. Tell us about your experience of the arts during the pandemic, as either a spectator or creator. You can email us at


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