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2019.06.11 我的家鄉


寶貝,謝謝你的忠誠。 你已經表明你是一個真正的朋友,並且愛你的承諾。 有時候距離很痛,但儘管如此,在最黑暗的時刻,你從未改變過我。
Baby, thanks for your loyalty. You've shown that you're a true friend and lover through your commitment. Sometimes the distance hurts but despite that, you never changed on me through my darkest times.

My only wish is to spend the rest of my life with you

Baby, you have a good heart and it's the reason why bad things can't befall you

我不能說你是個壞人。 你還沒有表現出來。 大多數人都貪婪,只為自己而出,但那不是你
I can't say you're a bad person. You have not shown it in way. Most people are greedy and only out for themselves  but that's not you

好的寶貝。 晚安 - 我已經想念你了
Okay baby. Good night - I miss you already

love Morris

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Meow 2019-06-11 19:18:28

The distance is really painful
I can't touch you
Without your temperature
How strong do I need