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PoE Warrior 3.8 Guide

A1 [Unstoppable] Increases movement speed by 10%. You can't slow down to the base speed. Your movement speed bonus will not let you drop below the base speed.
B1 [unquestionable] increase 10% attack speed, +1000 hits
C1 [unbreakable] immune dizziness, armor obtained from body armor increased by 1 time
D1 [Never shake] When hit, 20% chance to gain endurance, +1 maximum endurance
D2 [kills innocent] Each endurance ball increases by 6% damage, and when the endurance ball reaches the upper limit, it reduces the elemental damage by 8%.
E1 [Standing without shaking] Increases damage by 30% in the body and 1.5% per second in the body.
This is an MT, the standard MT, the unshakable point in the sublimation talent point is hit by a 20% chance to get the endurance ball. Endurance ball is a good thing, corresponding to red, the effect is 4% physical damage reduction (very important, directly added with armor reduction) and 4% elemental resistance, the specific ways to obtain are as follows:
1, from the skill: stun to get the endurance ball (assisted skills, but the stun is calculated by the blood threshold, most of the BOSS free halo, especially the difficulty of 15 or more copies, the conventional output skills are almost impossible to stun slightly higher order BOSS)

Get a crit ball in a crit (assisted skills, you can get endurance balls through the turning chain). In addition to the Warriors sublimation talent or Long Staff talent that limits the Long Staff block, the only effective ball is this auxiliary skill gem. Get a crit on the crit and get the endurance ball through the chain.
2, from the equipment: blue jersey, Romila ring, hegemony, trap shield, Voll's Devotion (turning chain), etc.
Turning the ball - Voll's Devotion, the chain of the local tyrant, the special effect is that the blue ball (crit ball) turns out the red ball (endurance ball) when consumed. It is very suitable for liberation skills and the Romila ring. It consumes the blue ball and comes to the red ball.
The turning chain is limited by the chaotic assault chart, so you must use the extra Chaos Orb to open the chaos map or the assault map to drop the ball chain when you open the map.
In addition, you can lick the white agate necklace and Orb of Chance. When you open the chaotic raid, Orb of Chance also has a chance to point the ball. Other poe currency also help you slain monsters.
In addition to the above methods, basically only the card can be exchanged, killing the ball card to crack the Great Emperor, the drop zone has: the ruthless difficulty plot scene A4's Boss Fool on the shore of the lake, the border map of the wilderness of the Boss Fragmented Emperor.
3, from the pharmacy: Doedre's Elixir (will deduct blood)
4, from the advanced sublimation talent
In addition to the sublimation talent can +1 the maximum endurance ball, you can also point out the +1 maximum endurance ball in the talent. In general, the player who chooses the Warriors will point out the endurance ball as much as possible in the talent. According to the talents of each genre, 9 are standard, enough endurance balls, which allow us to get enough physical damage, enough to resist all physical damage. And how important physical damage reduction is, I believe that in the game, you can fully feel it.
It is recommended to play the MT tank flow, the character is stable like Taishan, the players who are not warm, choose the Warriors advanced.