2017-02-13 20:49:39Rex Wu



How far from birth to death, is in the length of our breath
從生到死有多遠  呼吸之間 
How far from confusion to consonance, when comes a sudden chance 
從迷到悟有多遠  一念之間 
How far from love to hate, you can't anticipate 
從愛到恨有多遠  無常之間
How far from then or now, when laughter spreads somehow 
從古到今有多遠  笑談之間
How far from you and me forgiveness only 
從你到我有多遠  善解之間
How far from heart to heart, the sky to the earth 
從心到心有多遠  天地之間

當歡場變成荒台  當新歡笑著舊愛
當記憶飄落塵埃  當一切是不可得的空白
人生是多麼無常的醒來  人生是無常的醒來
Greener Ko 2017-02-16 23:11:32

The whole Zen wording would sound good if both Mandarin and English are written in rhyme.
Since Mandarin wording equips with "an"sound in each of their ends,their counterparts, English ones , however, if all have sounds with "s" sounds better.
In this way,modify them as---you can't anticipate at once,when laughter somehow spreads and only forgiveness.

Yes, you are right. Thanks. 2017-02-17 09:17:57