2019-05-15 08:28:14Clare Liao

Venting on Deans property

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跟他說洗衣機裡面很髒他問我哪裡髒 要我拆開來給他看嗎?
之後死命的盯著廚房 其他地方髒都沒關係。

我說你該找清潔工不是我 ,那個清潔工也是你們的人 
我說 對啊 桌子擦的這麼乾淨為什麼抽油煙機沒洗 你還要我弄乾淨?
還有你 Blair  就是爛透了!

Hi Blair,

Good morning.

According to yesterday keys handover, you've mentioned that I can get the bond back within 3 business days. So I will expect the result on this Friday 17/05/19. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I would like to highlight the cleaner's performance.

1. They were late for 80 mins later than the appointment time.

2. They told me it would roughly take 4-5 hours to clean and they just took 3 hours.

3. Due to they are late and I had an appointment in the evening so  I told Selina Twice to lock the door after they finished. Once I got home the door wasn't locked. Fortunately, I did not lose any valuable things yet this was a really unpleasant experience.

This is the Deans property approved cleaner and they have offered "End of lease cleaning" up to your standards if not, they will discuss with you. All these conversations were based on Selina's message and I can provide if there's any question. You have mentioned that if the cleaner has to come to fix it the charge will be on me. I do not get it if they did a bad job why would I need to pay for their bad performance? I just wanted to document this and I have the records and pictures too if you need any evidence. 

Thank you.

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