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Compressed Cooling H2o Dispenser Doing the job Principle

The refrigeration circuit of a compressed refrigeration water dispenser is made up of the refrigeration change, electrical power fuse tube, refrigeration thermostat, PTC starter, compressor and refrigeration indicator. The performing principle is as follows.

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Just after closing the refrigeration change, 220V AC voltage because of the energy source fuse tube, refrigeration thermostat, TPC starter towards the compressor motor, refrigeration indicator light-weight, compressor motor start off procedure; compressor commence, it's going to automatically disconnect the commencing winding electric power provide, from the motor managing winding to maintain operation.

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Refrigerant from the sealing procedure continues to circulate, absorbing the heat of the chilly tank water, to ensure the temperature of your cold tank h2o drops, if the drinking water temperature drops to 5 ??, the thermostat contacts disconnect, reduce from the electrical power of the refrigeration circuit, quit refrigeration, even though the refrigeration lamp goes out; if the temperature from the cold tank by natural means rises to ten ??

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 the thermostat contacts closed, linked towards the refrigeration circuit energy, refrigeration circuit get the job done, restore the refrigeration condition, so repeat the above The h2o while in the cold tank is often kept at 5 ~ 10??C from the procedure.

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