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A1: you know what it will do to you when you having steaks at this late of the night, right?by the way, how is your head. Your room is too cold 

A2: yes Mom. I will get by. You can turn yours up, but don’t touch my AC dial. Yeah yeah, I know exactly what it will do to me.

A1: like you know, what will it do to you? 

A2: bring smile to my face?

A1: ^*%#! what a biggest knucklehead. Hey, you gonna taking the lens tomorrow.

A2: why You are doing fine. I am perfectly fine being an innocent bystander. Chewing 

A1:hey why I gotta always do the lens and driving 

A2: cuz you asked for it laughing to an almost choking point

A1:you know what 

I did asked for it but I thought you were gonna do some shit while I am driving and you looking at them cuties

A2: ain’t gonna happen 

You wanna try some of the steak 

A1:not unless someone cut them

A2:alright, such a big baby.

A1:    :)